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Women’s Cricket News

Stories of AUCC Women’s in the news and around the community

Training with the girls from Jinan Third High School, Shandong, 2016

Women’s sport takes centre stage

Lumen Magazine, Adelaide University (story by Ian Williams)

Some serious cracks have started to appear in the gender wall that for generations has made it difficult for female athletes to play professionally the sports they love to watch.

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AUCC Named 2nd Best in Australia

We knew that the guys and girls at the AU Cricket Club (AUCC) were good, but didn’t realise how good! A HUGE congratulations to the club which last week was named runner up in the Cricket Australia ‘Premier Club of the Year’ awards.

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For the love of the game

The debate about women in sport has never been stronger in media circles given the recent AFLW season and the more established WBBL . On Friday night, there was no debate, it was as if it was the most normal thing in the world for the girls to be presented their awards for the year next to the boys. It was a clear example of the way it should be, with no debate or discussion about gender diversity required. They say actions speak louder than words and there was no better example than this.

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