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Subscription Fees

Payment of fees is due by October the 13th. Subscription fees can be purchased retrospectively if you joined a team after the due date.

Only financial members of the AUCC will be eligible for selection for Round 1.

Please note that you are also not covered by insurance for involvement in club activities (including training) until you are a financial member.

Please discuss with the Club Administrator if you require a payment plan.

Men’s Subscriptions fees 2017/18

Adelaide University Student: $250

Student (non AU): $250

Non Student: $312

Women’s Subscriptions fees 2017/18

Adelaide University Student: $180

Student (non AU): $180

Non Student: $212


AU Sport membership

AU students only: $0 (if you are a current student of Adelaide University)

University Member: $88 (includes AU graduates, staff, students from other universities)

Associate Member: $88 All other members who do not fit in categories above

Example 1: You are a male university student currently studying at Adelaide University, you only pay $250, as *$88 from AU Student Services and Amenity Fee (SSAF) goes towards your subs.

Example 2: You are a female non student, who has graduated from Adelaide University, you pay $212 + $88 = $300. Basically a bit of money goes towards the Club, and the other payment is for AU Sport, our sporting association, so they can cover your insurance etc.   

Player Sponsorship

Organise your own player sponsor to cover your sub fees! Sponsorship is tax deductable for businesses.

Men’s Player Sponsor: $500 to sponsor one nominated male player

Women’s Player Sponsor: $350 to sponsor one nominated female player

How to pay your subs

All players will need to pay using the AU Sport online system via credit/debit card (we do not take cash).

Step 1: Sign-up or create an account with the AU Sport Website

If you are creating an account, make sure you select the right category (student/non-student/staff)

Step 2: Once logged in, navigate to the AUCC page here and click on Join/Renew

You will be taken to the following page:

Select ‘Click here to continue’

Step 3: Add AU Sport Membership

Before you can purchase your subs, you need to first add the appropriate AU Sport membership.

Under the Req. Group #2, select from the following:

  • AU Sport Membership – AU students only: current Adelaide University students only.
  • AU Sport Membership – University Member: includes all AU graduates, staff of the University or the Union, students from other universities, employees of businesses on campus, spouses of current students, coaches, and members of other Sports Unions or Associations of other Tertiary Institutions
  • AU Sport Membership – Associate Member: all other members who do not fit in categories above

Select ‘Add to cart’

Step 4: Purchase your AUCC Membership

Next, select the appropriate AUCC membership category under the Req. Group #3, using the following the guide below:

  • AU Student – current Adelaide University students only.
  • Non-AU Student/Apprentice – a current student not studying at Adelaide University (e.g. students of Flinders, UniSA, TAFE) or currently studying an apprenticeship/traineeship.
  • Non-student – all other members who do not fit in categories above.

The above membership types are available for men’s and women’s teams. Add to cart.

Once you’ve selected your two membership categories from the above and added them to the cart, click ‘Continue’ and complete your checkout with a credit/debit card.

You will be sent a confirmation email once your order has been processed.


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