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AUCC statement regarding West Beach facility and juniors

It has come to the attention of the AUCC over the last few weeks that there have been comments in the media about the University’s development of cricket and soccer fields at West Beach and baseless allegations that AUCC are planning to either relocate and/or play junior cricket there.

As was clearly outlined at the last Grade Cricket Committee in answer to questions from WTDCC – the AUCC has no role in the West Beach development. Further, the AUCC has no plans to use those grounds. AUCC expects it might consider approaching the University to use those grounds should its adult sides expand or a ground/s be needed if any current ground is out of action. However, there is absolutely no plan to either relocate from our main ovals at Park 12 and Park 10 and/or establish a junior program at West Beach.

The West Beach development is a hub for a number of University sporting clubs, including Hockey (which has been located there for 30 years), soccer, gliding, mountain and scuba. The AUCC has made no financial contribution to the West Beach facility and nor has it otherwise participated in the planning or implementation. The West Beach development was conceived in 2010 having been announced as a priority in the Adelaide University Sport 2010-2020 Facilities Plan.

Adam Kimber

AUCC President

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