A message from Adam Kimber

Dear AUCC Player and Supporter

In the last 48 hours many of you will have read that the SACA Board of Management has announced that it proposes to reduce the teams in the competition by one (to twelve). This announcement follows, among other things, what has become known as the “Zadow Report” which was released to the Grade Clubs and the Board a little over twelve months ago. That report recommended a ten team competition.

It is inevitable that some of the speculation that will follow Monday’s announcement by the Board will focus on the AUCC. The club has decided therefore to communicate with its players and supporters directly.

Since the Zadow Report the AUCC committee has carefully considered the possibility of a merger. Among other things, the club discussed the issue with the University and, separately, had a very informal meeting with two clubs – Prospect and Adelaide. The AUCC was obliged to alert the University to the Zadow Report. The committee also resolved that it was appropriate to discuss the issue on an informal basis with the two clubs I have mentioned. Those meetings took place not because the AUCC wished to merge. It does not. The committee’s position is that the AUCC is best as a “stand alone” club. However, the club looked at the issue in a very limited way, as it decided that when a Report of that nature is published, the club has a responsibility to consider the issue and ascertain the views of other relevant clubs. The committee also thought it prudent to do some very limited due diligence in case the day ever came when the issue of a merger was “forced” on the AUCC or any other club/s.

Now that the Board of Management has made this announcement, the AUCC is obliged to look at the issue again. This is not because it is our preferred option nor is it because we think that it is inevitable. It isn’t and we don’t. The committee believes that the club has positioned itself well to contribute to the Grade Competition into the future and is well placed to do so in its own right. However, just like twelve months ago, we think it prudent to look carefully at the issue so that we can make a fully informed decision. If any serious resolution is contemplated by the AUCC Committee, my own view is that seeking input from players and supporters will be vital. If that day ever comes, there will be further communication from me.

However, in the interim, if you wish to put forward a view about the future direction of the club, you should feel free to put it. Input is very welcome. The best contact via email is Luke Johnston cricket@theblacks.com.au  Luke will collect responses and share them with the committee.

Adam Kimber

President – AUCC

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